March 2010 Vodcast – Debussy’s Claire de Lune

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13 thoughts on “March 2010 Vodcast – Debussy’s Claire de Lune”

  1. I’m proud of you still after all these years! And praise from me is praise indeed young sir! Don’t forget your dear friend Helen’s 70th birthday on May 7th. Could you mention her in your next Vodcast (she’d love it) oh and while were on birthdays I’m two days before on May 5 aged 36. Yikes!! Love to Sally and you and all of CT! DAN CLAIRE AND NATHANIEL XXX

  2. Sean your playing brought tears to the eyes of this greying nomad, thankyou and hope to catch up with you and Sally soon
    Take care Love to you both. Phil & Nesta. X.X. [for Sally]

  3. Oh how Refreshing Sean, I absolutely enjoyed it as I pictured you on The Frank Collymore Hall Stage. All the best to you and yours…

    Thanks for the inspiration

  4. I was able to listen on a Sunday afternoon, just after Ohio State won another game in the NCAA tourney. My blood pressure has returned to normal and the savage beast is soothed. The artistry and setting/photography were top-notch and greatly admired and appreciated. What a nice gift to receive in email! By the bye, Happy Birthday wishes to Mrs. Jackson. Waiting for April and the Easter music.

  5. Oh Sean, this is really beautiful. The setting is a gorgeous backdrop for heavenly music. So pretty. And you are so cute!

  6. Hello Sean!!! Greetings from all the Lords in PA! I just got home and we enjoyed your vodcast as some dinner music/entertainment. That is my idea of a night out on the town! It doesn’t get much better than that. We all LOVED your music! My mom loved your smile too, and my dad commented that we are one of the few “uncultured” families in the country who have not seen Twilight, but nevertheless recognize and love the piece. My young students (and dates too) have often bemoaned my lack of musical education.

    You play so beautifully, and your camera work is also getting better and better. The whole thing was stunning. You are incredible!!!! Thanks again for sharing your wonderful music and personality!


  7. Dear Sean, That was just fantastic! Lloyd and I just listened to it together just now and were thoroughly blown away! Absolutely loved it and are so happy we have gotten to know you and Sally and experience your great talent. Thanks for sharing it with us in this way. Happy Birthday Sally. Love, Mary and Lloyd

  8. Dr. Jackson,
    What a lovely setting for the performance of this piece–one of my favorites— and beautifully performed.
    It is such a great piece–with a quiet and yet superb elegance which you totally captured.
    Thank you so much !! and Birthday Greetings to Sally.


  9. Breathtaking.

    When I heard you play in Barbados in October (I am Jenny’s friend who was visiting), I was inspired to try and learn this piece (again!). I had a difficulty with the timing but my teacher is very patient. I have not mastered the simpler version of it, as I have an injury to my right hand. But I still try.

    Whenever you visit Jamaica you will have to come and play said piece on my Wm Knabe (which also closes slowly so no smashing of your precious fingers!)

    Thank you so much for sharing.



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