January 2010 Vodcast – In dir ist Freude BWV615 – J. S. Bach

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16 thoughts on “January 2010 Vodcast – In dir ist Freude BWV615 – J. S. Bach”

  1. This is a lucid performer with strong technique – he looks very relaxed! I wonder though if a little licence might be taken in rounding off some of the phrases – certainly there could have been more ritardando right at the finish.

  2. LOL, I think I hit report on the last video that I posted on by accident. You’ll be able to read which one. I meant to post a comment. This sounds great. You’re very talented. Thanks for uploading this.

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  4. As usual, an excellently executed and thoroughly enjoyable performance. Your fingers and feet never cease to amaze Sean. Hope all is well and I look forward to your next installment.

  5. That made my day!!! You make the organ sound like nobody else. I’m so glad I am able to hear you play again. You are absolutely marvelous, and such an uplifting person! Thank you!!!

  6. A wonderful combination of beautiful music, beautiful art in the stained glass windows and your unmatched charm – well done Sean. I look forward to future performances.

  7. A gift is a beautiful thing to experience… A gift nurtured and honed elicits admiration. Congratulations Sean, keep up the good work.


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